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A Delicious Journey

Our specialty is creating a fusion of unique boba flavors and refreshing drinks, accompanied by Filipino-inspired empanadas with a twist. Follow  us on Instagram @kubobaspot for updates or visit our shop for the Kuboba Spot experience


2618 Telegraph Avenue Berkeley CA 94704

(510) 529 4046

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Our empanadas are made fresh daily filled with flavorful, savory, and sweet fillings baked in our homemade flaky pastry dough. Best paired with our in-house chili oil!


Empanadas best spicy friend. Completely made in-house with all-natural ingredients and no preservatives.

Vegan friendly.

Jar size -  8oz

Please contact us for supply availability.

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A refreshing take on pacific-island flavors. Our drinks are made with fresh milk. Vegan and non-dairy alternatives are available.




Check out what our customers are saying about us :)

"My go-to boba spot in Berkeley.

The Pandan milk tea is so unique, love that they use fresh ingredients- the boba is always soft, and the jelly is housemade, with tons of flavor.
Absolutely love the Mango Milk tea, Taro with fresh taro chunks, and the jasmine green milk tea with lychee jelly is also my favorite!"

Try their dessert pastries and empanadas as well! The staff is so friendly, service is great and prompt. Thanks Kuboba Spot for hitting the spot every time (and making my boba addiction worse) ;)

Kimson D.

"So much to love about Kuboba! I wish this place was here when I went to Cal. This would be where you'd find me. The drinks are great - I'm slowly working my way through their menu. The empanadas are made in house and you can even see them rolling out the dough and then filling them. And if your timing is just right, you get them fresh out of the oven. Hot and flakey and hella delicious. Oh and have you tried their baked goods? If you haven't you gotta! They have a delicious pandan blondie. Okay now I want to go again! Until next time!"

Jerico O.

i had stopped by kuboba due to a yelp elite event. and though there were some perks due to it being an event for us - i would love to add in my thought on the food and service! stepping in the store felt like a community experience! their staff there were so friendly and welcoming (which is a huge plus going to any business) and their food and drinks are equally as amazing!

definitely, can't wait to come back and try the other empanada flavors :) i think its also super unique how they have both sweet and savory flavors - from my previous experience getting empanadas I've really only encountered savory flavors so seeing how there are sweet ones I'm really excited to try those soon one day!

with so many flavors to choose from i had ask them to recommend some options and ended up with chicken adobo along with spicy curry potatoes w/ pea- both of which were so freaking delicious! i ended up ordering some extra to share with my aunts and uncle and they really loved the flavors too!

for the drink option i had ordered the taro with fresh taro wall - which i really enjoyed as the balance of the sweetness and creaminess were well balanced and paired well with the food i had ordered!

10/10 would recommend this spot!! thank you for having me :)

Jeanne T.

I loooooove their empanadas! Freshly made to order and so so filling! The perfect comfort food. Each one i've tried carried the flavors so well! All of our nanays would be so proud! The sweets is exactly what you'd want at a Filipinx party, too! Lol! I def suggest getting one of whatever dessert they currently have in store.

Rachel D.

10/10 and 5 stars all around. This has become one of my favorite east bay gems. The owners and workers are incredibly kind. The empanadas are absolutely delicious and delectable. I love their house made spicy chili oil sauce - definitely has a kick so be warned! I tried ever flavor they offered and there are literally no bad flavors. Whether you are in a sweet or savory mood, they've got you covered. Their drinks are yummy as well! The pandan drink has my heart, but I also enjoyed trying the drinks that my friends got. The ube drink and tiger milk tea were both rich and flavorful.

Abby S.

I've been wanting to try this place for a long time! Was it worth it????? HEL YES!!!!!!! These ladies are awesome!! I swear the best empanadas EVER!!! I told the ladies every weekend I work I'm stopping by!! They made my drink perfectly!!  I had the Taro w/ fresh ube! Delicious!!

Joanne A.


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Visit Us

Monday & Tuesday (CLOSED)
Wednesday to Friday 11am-7pm
Saturday & Sunday 12pm-6pm

inside kuboba.jpg


Get Informed

Where are you located?

2618 Telegraph Avenue Berkeley CA 94704.

Do you offer delivery?

Yes, we are on Doordash and UberEats.​

What are your business hours?

We are closed Mondays & Tuesdays (however, we are only open for caterings).

Wednesday - Friday 11am to 7pm

Saturday and Sunday 12pm to 6pm.

Are your empanadas gluten-free?

Unfortunately, our empanadas are not gluten-free.

Do you offer vegan options?

Yes, a majority of our drinks can be made vegan. 

Do you have hot beverages?

Yes, we in fact serve coffee and some of our milk teas. Our most popular is hot taro with boba.

What are your most popular empanada flavors?

Chicken Adobo and Spicy Curry Potatoes w/ Peas.

Are you on Snackpass?


How do I reheat the empanadas?

You can reheat them by placing them in the oven at 375 degrees between 10-15 minutes.

Why is your boba non-vegan?

Because we use honey as one of the ingredients.

Do you cater?

Yes, you can find the link under our "Catering" section or you may send us an email to get a quote.

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